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Faster than a bottlenose dolphin. More powerful than a raging typhoon.
A blue blur arcing through the sky...It's


Harnessing the power of water and the strength of his allies, Waterman is the scourge of criminals and supervillains alike. But he's about to be put to the ultimate test: his hometown has become the battleground.

A teenager turned superhero, Eric must fight the evil that has infiltrated Elko, Nevada into schools, homes, and even the government. Their malevolent agents are cold, calculating, and desperate to locate the ancient Aztec relic that gave Eric his powers. With the encouragement of his feisty sidekick Melissa, Eric dives headfirst into an epic battle between good and evil that has been five hundred years in the making.

The Waterman Chronicles #1
The Waterman Chronicles #2
The Waterman Chronicles #3
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