Faster than a bottlenose dolphin. More powerful than a raging typhoon.
A blue blur arcing through the sky...It's


Harnessing the power of water and the strength of his allies, Waterman is the scourge of criminals and supervillains alike. But he's about to be put to the ultimate test: his hometown has become the battleground.

A teenager turned superhero, Eric must fight the evil that has infiltrated Elko, Nevada into schools, homes, and even the government. Their malevolent agents are cold, calculating, and desperate to locate the ancient Aztec relic that gave Eric his powers. With the encouragement of his feisty sidekick Melissa, Eric dives headfirst into an epic battle between good and evil that has been five hundred years in the making.

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    Near 500 years ago, the Aztec empire forged seven powerful artifacts for their god. But then the Spanish arrived. As Cortez and his conquistadors invaded the empire, a band of Aztecs ran north to hide the artifacts in the sands of Red Springs, Nevada. It is there, 500 years later, that a group of high school students stumble upon the most powerful of the artifacts. With a single cut and giving of blood, Eric Atl and his friends are gifted with powers over the planet: air, earth, fire, flora, and water.

    Now able to control water, Eric dons the mantle of Waterman to save his city. With the aide of his confidant, Melissa, Eric soon discovers dark forces clawing for the surface to reclaim what the Aztecs buried and Eric found. They want it...and they want him.


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    Have no fear! Help is . . . nowhere near.

    Terror reigns here, casting a gloom upon the once bright metropolitan of Elko, Nevada. Hundreds are missing, the city's superheroes are MIA, and it's all thanks to the Listeners, a millennia-old faction bent on world reconstruction. They are everywhere, they are many, and they are nigh unstoppable. But there just may be someone who can stop them against all odds--if he dares to fight. 

    To the citizens of Elko, Waterman is the water-wielding superhero who disappeared after nearly purging the city of the diabolical Listeners. To his two surviving friends, he is Eric Atl, once a comrade and hero, now a man derelict by inconsolable grief and the Listeners' looming threat: We will kill everyone you love.
    So it is up to his friends to liberate Eric from his misery and convince him to wrestle with the darkness again. Only then can a long lost Aztec relic be uncovered and the Listeners be silenced. Only then can loved ones avenged and the good guy win. Only then can Water return.


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    Waterman, also known as Eric Atl, has won the battle against the Listeners, but at a steep cost. Eric's friends and fellow Elementals (Jack, Joseph, and Melissa) are left to clean up the city and pick up the pieces.

    But the story is far from over. Something is stirring from the depths of the Elko City Pool. Someone is waiting for Melissa at Devine Falls. Somebody is planning to take down the Elementals - one by one.


    The Great Basin of Nevada plays host to a superheroic showdown for the ages in this final, suspenseful chronicle of Waterman's origins with "more twists and turns than a corkscrew in a blender on a helicopter caught in a tornado."


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