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Silver Rain

Where will you be when Silver Rain falls?


The clouds gather on the horizon. The air fills with moisture. Be warned: THE STORM IS COMING.


Deep underground, a madman plots. His science is diabolical, his terms are genocide. With the touch of a button, he launches toxins into a storm cloud, toxins that will turn the rain silver. There is no escaping it.


There is no hiding from it. Worst of all? IT'S COMING FOR US.


Elsewhere, two friends prepare to leave for a destination wedding. A family awaits the return of their father. A mother works hard for her children. It's another day in America. But when the storm looms and the clouds threaten to break, every eye will turn to the sky. Everyone will feel fear.


From the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Appalachians, from the skyscrapers of New York to the hills of L.A., the world will shake in terror. This is...SILVER RAIN.

Silver Rain

  • Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook

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